The Great Elven Conflict

Major Events Leading to The Current Situation, Volume 1, A Brief Record by Redali, King of the Pinnacles of Brilliance

Greetings! I am Redali, Dwarven King of the Pinnacles of Brillance and Leader of the Coalition of the West. In an effort to preserve my current knowledge for myself and to give others a clearer picture of the current state of affairs regarding this era’s massive conflicts, I have set forth to chronicle in a brief sense my own somewhat peculiar adventures and how they relate to the situation at hand. Some of the earliest details have faded in my mind, but bear with me, dear reader, for these events may very well shape the future of this land.

First, my adventures began with myself still holding the rank of prince, while my mother ruled. The scientific nature of the dwarves residing in my home fortress has always driven me to discover new things, but I did not truly do much adventuring before the fateful day a god came knocking at my door. This deity shall be referenced as the Nameless God throughout the rest of this summary, for personal reasons. Suffice to say that mentioning said god’s name could invite very unwelcome consequences, though I fear if any avid worshipper should pick up this tome my life may already be in danger.

Anyway, to continue, I was summoned by the Nameless God to travel to Circle Tower, along with three other companions: Richard the Lion Rider, Zael Soulbrand, and Galonar. Galonar was a half-elf, while the other two were human. Our purpose, as revealed to us by the Nameless One, was to help put an end to the threat of the elvish horde that hung over the human kingdoms, waiting to devour them. the way to do this, it would seem, would be to unite the ten dwarven kingdoms under one ruler. Tholtig, Ruler of Circle Tower, was presented to us as the likeliest choice, and indeed her strength as a military ruler could not be denied. The symbol of fealty for each fortress comes in the form of a bronze orb. Giving your orb to another ruler means you recognize their sovereignty over you. To aid Tholtig, our group would have to gather the orbs of every other fortress and return them to her.

This led us to our first target, the clan of the Spears of Strength. Chosen for their close location, we still has the issue of crossing a portion of the sea, for the fortress was constructed on the peninsula of a land yet unexplored. Galonar used his status as a half-elf to infiltrate a nearby elven village and procure a boat, allowing us to set sail (though not without a bit of elven interdiction, once they discovered they were tricked). Once there, we discovered that the entire fortress had been slain and that a peculiar breed of dragon, made of shadows, had taken up residence. We discovered that some foul magic may have been at play, though whether the dragons were the cause or merely a consequence was never fully determined. At any rate, within the hollow body of a spear filled with treasures we discovered the bronze orb of the (former) Spears of Strength.

Returning to Circle Tower and handing over the orb, our intrepid group then set out for the clan of the Tangled Steel. Once again, upon arrival we found a fortress devoid of dwarves, though this time there were strange goblins in their place, that I have since come to know as orcs. One orc in particular possessed an unusual amount of intelligence, and presented himself as not an enemy, but instead one who had been misguided by a devil. After deciding to warily believe the orc, we proceeded to locate the devil and engage him in combat. The fight was difficult, but at some point the Nameless God was mentioned, and at the sound of his name the devil halted his attacks and practically allowed us to slay him! A most odd and unsettling occurence, for which I have since guessed at reasons, but those will go unmentioned at htis time. Once the devil was defeated, we did manage to save 40 of the remaining dwarves of the Tangled Steel, including my own aunt, their ruler.

Before we could return to Tholtig this time, however, a fateful message came that drastically altered my own role in the quest put before us; my mother had died, and I, as her only child, was now king. This immediately broke any oaths of fealty I may have sworn previously, as is dwarven custom, and placed myself in a postion to contend for the High Throne of the dwarves. I should take a moment to mention that the dwarven kingdoms were once united under one ruler, my grandfather, High King Kazmar the Great. Since his death, each of his children claimed sovereignty over one kingdom and refused to recognize the rule of any of the others, even the eldest among them. My mother’s untimely demise granted me her own claim to the position, a claim not to be taken lightly. This one occurence put into motion a chain of events that would lead to the current 3 Dwarven Coalitions vying for supremacy. The formation of my own alliance, as well as further tales of adventure, will be outlined in the next volume.



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