The Great Elven Conflict

Major Events Leading to The Current Situation, Volume 2, A Brief Record by Redali, King of the Pinnacles of Brilliance

Greetings again, fair reader. When last we left off, I believe I had just been crowned king. Or rather, I was on my way to do so. The journey to my home was uneventful, but once there I was coronated as soon as possible and immediately launched an investigation into my mother’s death. You see, the circumstances around her demise were a bit suspicious. She had been working on a new catapult, and apparently a malfunction had caused it to misfire and kill her. However, upon reviewing the blueprints for this apparatus, no flaw could be readily found, leading to suspicions of sabotage. I have yet to determine the true cause of death, but I suspect an infiltrator clad in the disguise of a dwarf had some reason to wish my mother to depart this world. As such, I fear that my own ascension played directly into their hands, though my actions afterward, I hope, have been more vexing.

Once I had some time to take the status of the fortress, Richard received word that the capital of his homeland, the Kingdom of Honor, was under attack by a large elven force. I decided, along with my companions whom I had grown somewhat close to, that breaking the siege of Liberty was the most urgent course of action, as its collapse would give the elves almost total control over the Bay of Liberty (named for the city) as well as complete dominion over the human lands of the south. Thus was the Coalition of the West born. At first, it was more of an uneasy alliance between myself and an uncle and aunt, but that was the best I could do given the short time we had before marching. At any rate, I gathered the forces of the Fellowship of Jewels (my uncle), the Furious Empire (my aunt), my own forces, of course, and 10,000 skirmishers from the Virtuous Councils, another human kingdom overseen by a powerful wizard. The wizard, we discovered, had already gone ahead to Liberty to assist in resisting the siege, a very important factor in the Councils decision to send us aid. With a full host of 60,000 soldiers, medics, engineers, and sappers, we marched for Liberty.

It is important to note briefly that we did not travel straight to Liberty, but were waylaid by a strange cave along the way. What we saw and experienced there was profound, but the exact details must be saved for another compendium. Suffice to say it halted our march for about three hours, which Liberty was thankfully able to spare. Upon arriving at the city, I ordered the army to hide behind the treeline of a nearby forest so that we could observe the situation. It was grim; an extremely large army of elves was gathered around the city, and the only reason the large rocks from their catapults had not breached the walls seemed to be the intervention of the wizard, who was magically tossing flung projectiles aside as if he was playing catch. The elven navy had also taken up residence in the bay, having completely crushed the human navy by this point. In the end, it was decided that traps and anti-siege weapons would be constructed for an attack at the following dawn, with collaboration from the wizard (who we could contact through Galonar, his apprentice).

The night wore on, but dawn finally came, and with it one of the most dazzling displays of magic I have ever seen. The wizard, you see, decided to open our attack with a rain of meteors from the sky. I watched in awe as fiery rocks rained down upon the elven forces, frightening and scattering them. The time for amazement was short, however, as there was still the matter of the elves who remained. Zael led a force of crossbowmen to assault the right flank of the elves, being a monk and archer himself, while Richard (who at this point had been teleported inside the city by the wizard) led a charge of Kingdom of Honor knights out of the gate facing the left flank. I commanded from the treeline, ordering barrages of sharpened stacks and attempting to split the elves down the middle with a new invention of my own design, which I have dubbed a “Mobile Armored Transport for Huge Skirmishes” or MATHS for short. Galonar himself rode on top of one of these contraptions, shooting fireballs into the midst of the enemy. The battle itself was amazing, by for the sake of time I shall summarize as follows: the elven general present was a powerful druid, and the wizard spent the rest of the fight primarily dealing with him in the form of a dragon. They were both dragons, actually, which led to quite the aerial spectacle. Our ground forces did fairly well, and in the end the siege was finally broken.

All was not well once the elves had been vanquished, though. In fighting the druid, the wizard had become grievously wounded and seemed to believe that the druid may not in fact be dead, even though we had seen his body dissolve into ash. The wizard would never have a chance to finish his work, for shortly after the battle he died of the magical wounds the druid had inflicted upon him, exploding into a dragon of pure magical energy and flying away to the northeast. It was also at this time that I received further unfortunate news (well, unfortunate for me at any rate). Richard and Zael, loyal companions to this point, had decided that their services would be better spent in aiding the city of Liberty in its recovery. It was Richard’s home, after all, and Zael wished to lead the remaining monks of the city in building a new order. I of course saw the value in this, but that didn’t make it any easier to lose such valuable associates.

And so, with the great Battle for Liberty behind us, and the elven nation on presumably high alert, Galonar and I set forth for the Virtuous Councils to settle the matter of the wizard’s successor, an adventure that would bring us to new companions, poltical struggles, and a fantastical tower over a lake, but that will have to wait for the third volume.



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